Itak (Tirso and Cheryl)

Feb 8, 2014

Tirso’s left eye becomes blind due to an accident while playing with his brother. Due to criticisms on his blind eye, he stops attending school at 13. At 15, Tirso happens to be a big fan of Sheryl Cruz, an actress. He watches her movies and collects food wraps with Sheryl’s pictures on them. She is the prettiest woman he has seen and so he dreams to have a girlfriend as beautiful as her. But one day, he is introduced to a woman his father chooses for him. The woman is 35 years old and is cross-eyed, a far cry from his dream girl. Tirso does not want to marry her, and so he leaves the house and lives away for almost a year. When he comes back at the age of 17, the woman is finally gone. But two months later, his father wants him to meet another woman. Her name is Cheryl. Tirso thinks of leaving his family again if he does not like the woman. But when he finally sees Cheryl, he thinks he is seeing Sheryl Cruz. Cheryl instantly becomes the prettiest woman for him. It is love at first sight. Tirso pursues Cheryl and wins her heart. Tirso finally has the girl of his dreams. But when they decide to tie the knot, Cheryl’s father becomes violent and tries everything he can to stop his favorite daughter from marrying. But in the end, Tirso and Cheryl’s love for each other prevails.



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