Itak (Violated Daughters)

Oct 24, 2015

The story deals with the ugly sins of society—rape and incest, featuring innocent sisters Leni (28) and Aileen (17)’s journey to transcend trauma after being molested by their own father, Ramon (43). Youngest in the family, Aileen lives a simple life in a seemingly peaceful home while his father is imprisoned. Little did she know that Ramon was convicted of raping her sister Leni while she was only five years old. Six years pass, Ramon obtains pardon and goes back home. This arouses anxiety in Leni, who then starts to remind Aileen to become mindful of their father. Soon, Aileen’s fate changes when Ramon, who instantly becomes so powerful in their family, starts to doing lascivious acts toward her. Sadly, even their mother cannot do anything to save Aileen for fear of reprisal. Feeling comfort in Leni’s arms, Aileen routinely but secretly meets up with her elder sister. Just when Leni starts to feel Aileen’s problem, Ramon isolates Aileen and their whole family away from her. Shortly, Ramon mercilessly rapes Aileen. Aileen then runs away and keeps her shattering experience to herself. With no one beside her, even Leni, Aileen feels helpless for a long time considering the constant fear that has pervaded in her mind. Upon learning, that Aileen’s went missing and Ramon’s raging hunt for her sister, a courageous Leni searches for Aileen. Fortunately, Aileen ends up back in Leni’s arms. But weeks pass, Aileen learns that Ramon impregnated her. As this wrecks Aileen’s outlook on life, Leni is full of regret that she has not become courageous enough to save her sister. However, Leni remains to be the supportive sister that she is, encouraging Aileen to stand up, accept that she is only a victim of the circumstance, and more importantly, raise the baby. The sisters learn the value of togetherness, bravery, and standing up for integrity even if takes challenging their own family. In the end, Leni and Aileen triumph over their inhuman father who is then sentenced to suffer the penalty of reclusion perpetua.



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