Jeep (Konduktor Love)

Jun 28, 2014

Berna (25) grows up in a well-off family with 6 older siblings who are all intelligent and with stable jobs. Three of her sisters are old maids, and Berna lives with two of them. Having her siblings as her role models, Berna aspires for a better life and a man who can provide her a good life. She graduates as Magna Cum Laude in Education and finishes Nursing as her second degree. But after college, Berna meets and falls in love with Mark (23) who is both handsome and caring. He has everything Berna can ever wish for. Only, he is her family’s jeepney conductor. Berna’s old maid sisters disapprove of it and do what they can to separate the two. But their love proves to be too strong and they eventually tie the knot. Berna’s sisters disown her. But when Berna bears sons, the kids soften their hearts. When the earthquake in Bohol happens in October 2013, the tragedy brings Berna’s family together once more. Now, Berna and Mark raise three sons and welcomes Berna’s eldest sister who now lives in their home. Berna still teaches in an elementary school and Mark works as a janitor/messenger in a bank.



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