Kamay (OFW in Dubai)

Jan 16, 2016

Born to a poor family, Lyn (12) learns early on the value of hard work. Being an achiever in school, she is the pride of the family especially her father, Valeriano (50s). Fate takes a challenging turn for Lyn with the death of her beloved father. Her elder brother Jun (20s) takes up the responsibility of being the head of the family and becomes a protective guardian to Lyn (18). Rebelling against her brother, Lyn unexpectedly gets pregnant and marries her boyfriend Erwin (19). Despite her early marriage, however, Lyn continues her studies as a working student and graduates as a magna cum laude. She then takes up law to fulfill her dream of becoming a lawyer. However, life becomes harder for Lyn and her husband along with the birth of their twins. Lyn (25) sets aside her plan of reviewing for the bar exams and tries her luck in Dubai. But luck isn’t on Lyn’s side when she falls victim to a bogus sponsor who promised to help her find a job. Lyn is forced to look for a job on her own and starts as a secretary to seven Lebanese bosses in a construction company where no one lasts for more than a day because of the exhausting demands of the job. Lyn sticks it out and earns the admiration of her colleagues. She soon lands a new job at a prestigious hotel and slowly rises up the ranks. However, Lyn’s determination and strength are once again put to the test when she is forced to exit to Kish, Iran, before she gets a new working visa. There, she sees an entirely different world where overseas workers struggle to survive. Not wanting to burden her family, Lyn keeps the situation to herself. Her determination pays off as she snags the top position in her company. Lyn (35) now lives happily with her family in Dubai and serves as an inspiration to her fellow Filipinos who work hard for their families in the Philippines.



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