Kamison (Mother’s Secret)

Feb 23, 2013

This is a story of Marcosa who is raped by her elder brother Demetrio. Because of fear, Marcosa does not tell anyone the bad thing Demetrio is doing to her, even when she finds herself pregnant. To protect their family’s name, Marcosa tells her family that the father of her child, Marcial, is her past boyfriend, not Demetrio. Marcosa thinks she has moved on from her dark past when she gets married but she does not. She is strict with Marcial and her two daughters, Emy and Biny. Until one day, Marcosa finds out that Demetrio is sick. But to her children’s surprise, Marcosa does not even bother to visit Demetrio to the hospital. Instead, Marcosa’s children see the change in her. Most of the time, Marcosa would talk to herself. She plays and talks like a child. Marcial gets worried with her mother that he brings Marcosa to the mental hospital. It is then that Marcosa’s secret is revealed to her family. Emy and Biny easily accept their mother’s past, but not Marcial. It is hard for him to accept that he was born by mistake. But with the help of her sisters, Marcial accepts himself and love her mother like no other.


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