Kandila (Abortionist)

Nov 1, 2008

Sonny and Laila are a young couple who sought the help of an abortionist named Susan. As a manghihilot, Susan would frequently help women get rid of the baby in their womb. But because the act gives her so much guilt, Susan would light a candle and offer prayers to the souls on the unborn children she killed. However, when one of her patients ended up dead, Susan started seeing things she never imagined were possible. An apparition of a bloody woman would often follow her wherever she goes. In her dreams, the woman would appear carrying a child covered in blood. This apparition put her and her unborn child to danger as the ghost haunted her to seek justice. When Laila’s ghost tried to kill her unborn kid, Susan asked for forgiveness to appease her soul. After the horrifying events that happened to her, Susan stopped her sinful job and lived in peace.


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