Kandila (Pamilya 3rd Eye)

Oct 27, 2012

Even if Anna (18) got married to Sonny (19) for the wrong reasons, they learned to love each other and live a happy married life. Until Anna decided to tell her husband that her 3rd eye was open. Sonny did not believe Anna and told her to stop her craziness and she did. When Anna’s life was endangered, she started talking and helping the spirits. But Sonny could not accept what Anna was doing that he told Anna he would leave her and bring their kids to Nueva Ecija. Once again, Anna stopped using her 3rd eye. One day, Anna was surprised when Sonny started feeling spirits and   experienced weird things. Sonny blamed Anna and started hating her. Anna   tried to help Sonny understand what he was experiencing. It was then that Sonny realized how hard the things Anna had to undergo alone. But when Sonny was starting to accept their weirdness, it was then that the found out that their youngest son also have his 3rd eye open. Sonny told Anna that they should closed it but Anna disagreed. But when Sonny was able to talk to their son, Sonny learned from his 7-year-old son to accept what they have and that having their 3rd eyes open only meant that they can be closer to each other. Sonny realized his mistake   and asked Anna for forgiveness. They all learned to accept themselves and started using their 3rd eye for good.


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