Kanin (Selda)

Oct 25, 2008

Alicia was 15 years old when her parents arranged her marriage to Leopoldo, then 27. At 17, Alicia was already a mother and had her seventh child at 24 - but being a mother was not in Alicia’s mind—she just wanted to love and be loved. She found love in Vergel, a 23-year-old bachelor. Nevertheless, their relationship did not last, because their parents disapproved of their relationship, and had Alicia go back to Leopoldo for their children. They tried to work things out, but, finally, their differences led them to separation. When she was 29, Alicia fell in love again with her childhood friend, Ronnie. Once more, she felt the happiness she yearned for so long. But in 2001, Alicia was charged with two counts of estafa and was sentenced to life imprisonment. Three years after, Ronnie left her, leaving Alicia heart broken. Only then did she learn and realize that the love and happiness she was looking for so long was just by side: her children. Alicia experienced the hardships of life she did not experience when she was still outside prison walls. Inside the Correctional Institute for Women, Alicia learned the very essence of being a mother, and discovered that she could be one.


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