Korona (Father and Gay Son)

Jan 24, 2015

When Jing’s parents discover that he is gay, Jing begins to feel the distance growing between him and his parents, especially his father. Save for the times when his father gives him errands, the former avoids talking with his son. Things seem to turn better for Jing when, at the age of 27, he finds work as a caregiver in Canada. Learning that female caregivers are more in demand in the country, Jing decides to take hormone pills and disguises as a woman. There, he meets Jerry, a 23-year-old Canadian, who mistakes him for a real woman. After 5 months of dating, Jerry takes him to a hotel to have sex, and Jing is left with no choice but to reveal his true sexuality to him. Shocked, Jerry walks out on him and stops communicating with him since then. However, after 2 months, Jerry calls him again and tells him that he still loves Jing no matter what. Jerry also surprises him by asking his hand in marriage in front of his relatives in Canada. It was like a dream come true for Jing, though half of him is saddened that his parents do not approve of his marriage. Three years since their wedding, Jerry expresses his desire to have his own child. Though hurt, Jing offers to find a way to grant Jerry’s wish. Jing takes him to the Philippines and finds a baby maker for Jerry. Just when he thinks that the worst is over, Jing soon discovers that Jerry is having an affair with the baby maker. Amid his devastation, Jing is surprised when his father hits Jerry in the face out of rage for hurting his son’s feelings. This opens Jing’s eyes to the realization that despite their many storms, the love from his father and family remains intact.



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