Kwintas (My Father’s Killer)

Jul 27, 2007

Our fathers mean a lot to us. After all, they work hard to give us a bright future, to provide our needs, and even give us some of the luxuries they probably didn't taste when they were still young. Jessie's father was such a man, so when a drunk man stabs him one day, Jessie vows to get revenge! Since the police wasn't able to track his father's murderer, Jessie decides to take matters in his own hands instead, and look for the murderer on his own. Soon, a lot of obstacles come his way, but those don't seem to stop Jessie from avenging his father's death! However, just as the criminal goes right under his nose, Jessie discovers that the said man already has a family of his own! Will he let this little fact alter his lifelong goal, or will he let it change his life forever? 


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