Kwintas (Zandro)

Feb 12, 2011

Zandro, a student-activist who is known as a ladies' man in their campus. He was able to manage three girlfriends at a time. But then he fell in love with Knoll, an optimistic scholar he couldn't hurt because of her innocence in love and relationships. He confessed about his other girls and they opted to go their separate ways. After college, they lost communication. He got tired of his old life. He broke up with all his girlfriends. Wanting a new and better direction, Zandro joined the corporate world and met his new girlfriend in the person of Debbie. They were at the peak of their affair when Zandro found out that Knoll was in the same area. He felt an unfinished chapter of his past had come back and he had to deal with it. He reached out to Knoll and pursued her again for a serious relationship. Will Zandro go back to his two-timing ways? Will he choose to be with Knoll or Debbie?


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