Jul 21, 2006

Love blossoms between two unlikely people when Albert, a burn victim meets Maricel, a good-looking mall clerk. A quiet, conscientious and determined young man, Albert's biggest burden in life is his face: as an infant, he was burnt in an accident with a kerosene lamp. Since then, his face has become a mass of dark scars that has made him a target not just of teasing, but outright discrimination. Not only do people avoid him, but he also has trouble getting employed - which hurts even more, as he wants dearly to help his impoverished parents. Maricel finds herself touched when she hears Albert tell his story on a radio call-in show - something Albert did on an impulse after his father's death, when he realized he had no friends. After, Albert and Maricel become fast friends. The young lady even helps find him a job. Soon, Albert developed feelings, far more than friendship for Maricel.


MMK25: Regional Story Gathering in Zambales

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MMK25: Regional Story Gathering in Cebu

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MMK25: Regional Story Gathering in Bataan

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MMK25: Regional Story Gathering in Pampanga

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#MMKLifeMomentsMadrid: Mayette Calderon & Ofelia Santos

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