Larawan (Kulam)

Nov 9, 2007

Laura was invited by her relative to take a vacation in her native town of La Union. There she meets Rodel, a rich barrio boy, who falls in love with her. Showering her with attention, Laura takes advantage of his generosity to the point of asking him to buy jewelry for her with the promise of marrying him the next day. But Rodel was just not Laura's type and she returns to the city, leaving him heartbroken. Delia, Rodel's mother, tries to avenge her son by consulting a mangkukulam. Back in Manila, Laura thought that she got away with her bad deeds, until a series of bizaare and unexplainable events happens to her. She then returns to La Union to seek answers and discovers that the man she left behind has already lost his mind. 


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Dec 10, 2011

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Rosaryo (PGT: Roel Manlangit)

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Mar 14, 2004

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