Liham (Padre Loves Madre)

Dec 6, 2014

As a pious boy living in Tudela, Misamis Occidental, Francis clearly sees that the path his future beholds is towards serving the Lord and His people. After graduating from High School, he decides to enter the seminary, going through the strict academic training and intense spiritual enrichment in order to become a priest. By age 28, he gets ordained and begins his new life journey. Francis finishes saying mass one fine day, and meets Joanna, a charming and confident nun. Together with her fellow members from an NGO (non-government organization) that sympathizes with radical groups, Joanna asks Francis for his participation and involvement. Soon after, Francis and Joanna develop from being simple acquaintances, who march together to Mendiola, to being good friends, as they enjoy lengthy talks about their vocation, their common cause of helping and serving other people, and their personal lives. After Francis’ trip to India, Francis and Joanna discover more things about each other as they appreciate and enjoy each other’s company every single time. A few months pass, Francis finds out that Joanna has left her vocation to save him from leaving priesthood. But the thought of her departure ignites the fire inside Francis that he ultimately reveals his feelings for her. Immersing himself consequently in prayers, Francis finds enlightenment and decides to leave his priesthood and to fight for his love for Joanna. Joanna, on the other hand, eventually sees the genuineness of Francis’ heart and accepts his love for her. She eventually confesses her feelings for Francis. Offering their love to the Lord, Francis and Joanna move on to become loving parents to three kids, and up to this day, they serve as a living reminder that love never discriminates and that love knows no bounds.



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