Jun 21, 2014

Growing up, Dandoy becomes so close to his father, Bibi. Like his father's dream for him, he also dreams of finishing school. But their relationship is soon put to test when suddenly Dandoy stops schooling. Instead of going to school, he spends his time in skimboarding and longboarding which worsens his relationship with his father because Bibi still wants him to study. Dandoy promises himself that one day, he will prove to Bibi that he will succeed in life even without going to school. Through determination and rigid training, Dandoy eventually becomes very good at longboarding and wins most of the competitions he has joined in. And because of that, he is able to provide for his family. Soon, Bibi supports him wholeheartedly. In exchange of the support his father gives him, Dandoy is still able to somehow do what his father wants him to. In the end, Dandoy manages to graduate in high school through Alternative Learning System.



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