Love in Bars

Apr 8, 2017

Joy gets her feet inside a prison facility in Isabela for the first time when she is 14. She gives her mother, Maya, a visit who is imprisoned due to drug charges in 2008. She learns to treat prison as her second home as she becomes a frequent visitor. In one of her visits, she meets a prisoner Rustom who she ends up falling in love with. Her mother hardly accepts her decision to engage into a relationship with an inmate, but when Rustom is transfered to the New Bilibid Prison (NBP) in Manila, Joy, 16 at that time, runs away to live in Manila in her desire to be near Rustom despite her mother's protestations. Maya eventually forgives her disobedience while the former works hard in financially supporting Rustom in prison, but does not hold back in reminding her daughter to go back to Isabela. Six years later, after giving birth to her first child with Rustom, Joy discovers the former's infidelity. Brokenhearted, she decides to stay in Isabela and finds comfort in her mother especially when she is released from prison in 2015. However, when Rustom finishes his sentence in the same year and proposes to live with him in Manila, she agrees to go with him and leaves her mother behind as she does not want her child to grow up without a father. But a couple of weeks later, she is disillusioned upon discovering that Rustom is anything but a father figure. He is physically violent and also uses illegal drugs. Joy once again runs away and goes back to Isabela with her child with a firm decision of raising him without his father. Now, she and her mother work together in providing him a better future. Joy unshackles herself form her self-imposed hatred toward her set-up, realizing that her mother is the only love and rock that she can rely on.


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