Lubid (Children’s Remorse)

Dec 5, 2015

Zosima (26) is a mother of four children, Mylene (6), Pao (5), Aaron (4), and Badet (1). Zosima is a caring and thoughtful mother, often worrying about her children’s welfare. However, she is also very strict and harsh to her children, often saying hurtful words to get her children to behave or follow her orders. As Mylene (18), Pao (17), Aaron (16), and Badet (13) grow up; they feel detached and fearful of Zosima (38). Her children, especially Mylene and Pao, begin to rebel and talk back. Her children also start keeping secrets from her, keeping her in the dark about their plans and decisions. This hurts Zosima, feeling useless as a mother. She also takes her children’s failures and problems to heart, believing herself to be an unfit mother. Zosima’s every day is filled with worries. Adding to her worries is their constant financial instability, especially with her husband Elmer (38) retiring from military service. She laments her worries to her children, but her words remain harsh. Her children no longer take her words to heart. Because of what seems to be an unending stream of failures and problems, Zosima (46) hangs herself. Her children immediately feel her loss. They blame each other for what happened to their mother. However, in the end, they realize they must not fight with each other but help each other instead. They become closer as siblings and talk to each other for support, instead of keeping their decisions and problems a secret. With that, they hope their mother has found peace at last.



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