Lubid (Tourette)

Nov 7, 2009

Jerome bears a lot of emotional scars because he grew up being severely disciplined by his mom Criselda who never understood his odd mannerisms and mood swings due to his illness. When his parents separated, Jerome, together with his siblings, was left in the care of their father who allowed him to do everything he pleases. Due to his vices, Jerome’s condition worsen and eventually diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome. His father helped him all throughout. But things changed when his father Jaime was struck with lung cancer. Jerome became in charge with the family affairs. To make things worse for him, his estranged mother came back to help while his father was ill. Eventually, his father died and her mother took over the household much to Jerome’s dismay. It was a constant squabble between the two until his younger brother Julius became afflicted with same disease. The two decided to make up. Jerome changed his ways and Criselda, who leaved her children decided to stay to make up for the lost time.


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