Make-Up (Payaso)

Jul 13, 2013

Everything seems to be perfect with Ellah’s family. Having a responsible police officer father, Romy, and a loving mother, Panying, makes her feel contented. But not until Ellah learns that his father has a family before them. Only then she realizes that her mother is not his father’s legal wife and that she and her siblings are illegitimate. Despite the fact, Ellah still manages to accept his father. But not when Ellah discovers that Romy has an illicit affair with another woman. Eventually, Romy lives with his other woman and abandons his second family. That time, Ellah notices that her mother easily lets go of her father and does not even fight for them. She feels that her mother is too weak. Because of that, Ellah has to work for her family and for her studies. Even though Panying owns a small sari-sari store, it is not enough for them to survive life. To be able to do that, thru the help of his college professor, Ellah works as a clown. But being a clown is not an easy job. She has to have a long patience when dealing with kids. Also, Ellah has to keep that as a secret from her college classmates especially those who are rich. She is afraid that if they come to know her job, she will be belittled by them. But still, there are moments that some of her classmates learn her work. Time passes, Ellah comes to a point where she feels so tired of life, tired of working, tired of being a clown – a clown that needs to make other people joyful but couldn’t even make herself happy. She thinks that if only his father does not abandon them or just supports them financially, maybe they are not experiencing hardships. One day, a professor suggests to Ellah that by law, she and her siblings, though they are illegitimate still have the right to ask support from their father. So what Ellah does, with the help of his professor, she files a complaint against Romy. But when Panying finds out, she asks Ellah not to continue with it. But Ellah is so eager so she tells her mom that it is for their benefit so why would Panying not allow her to do so. Ellah even says that she feels that it is only her who wants to fight for their right. That ever since, her mom is very weak that is why she has to be strong for their family. But eventually, Ellah realizes that it is only her mother who never leaves them. And that more than anyone else, it is actually her mom who is the strongest because Panying is able to raise them all alone. In the end, still by being a clown and with the help of her loved ones especially her mother, Ellah is able to finish her studies.


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