Manika (Bad Lola)

Sep 18, 2010

Era was in high school when her grandmother Amparo lived in their house, they were even roommates. At first Era was not close to Amparo because she believed what her mom told her—that Amparo is a bad person. Era’s mother hated Amparo that Era too despised her grandmother. Until Era noticed the change in Amparo—she stopped her vices, tried to reach out to her family, but no one would believe that she could change. Even if she told them that she was not feeling okay, no one would bother to check on her, except Era. It was her who heard Amparo’s regrets, pains of being alone and forsaken by her own family. But Amaparo knew no one was to be blame but her. When asked, Amparo told Era that the only thing she could wished for is the forgiveness of her family and Era did not fail her grandmother. On Amparo’s deathbed, she received the forgiveness of her family.


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