Manika (Cursed Beauty)

Jun 30, 2012

Beauty   is   a   blessing   for   most   women,   but   not   for   Nene   (15)   because   it brought her to misfortunes. She was sexually abused several times by her stepfather. The worst part   was   when   her   mother   assisted   in   the   act   of   rape.   Nene started   to   dislike   the   beautiful   face   and   body   she   possesses   because   of   what happened. Fortunately, her step father was put into jail but that was not the end of Nene’s suffering. Nene (20’s) started to loathe men. Her self-esteem was also too low that time. She stopped believing that she could still find true love because of her   past, until   she met   JR (20’s).   JR accepted and   loved her   so dearly. It   was because of him that Nene regained her self-confidence and started to face everyday with passion and love despite her dark past.


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