Manika (Domestic Abuse)

Nov 22, 2014

Cynthia grows up in a simple family. Her father, an ordinary office employee, is a quiet man, while her mother, a housewife, wears the pants in the family and makes most of the decisions. Cynthia grows up to be her parents’ favorite because of her innate beauty that is fit for a beauty queen. Cynthia, however, remains humble and remains to be the most obedient among her siblings. Her mother almost treats her as a marionette dictating everything she does—from the way she dresses, what she eats, which career to take, and even in the kind of man she should marry. She eventually finds herself marrying a man she isn’t in love with, Charlie. He is a rich Chinese businessman who wins Cynthia’s mother’s approval by wooing their family with expensive gifts. Charlie is a good provider, treating Cynthia like a Queen, showering her with all that money can buy, providing her and their seven children’s every need. But he is unreasonably jealous, overprotective and possessive even with their children, practically locking them up inside their house. The situation worsens when they migrate to the USA. But despite her desire for freedom, Cynthia stays with Charlie, paralyzed by her concern for their children who are used to a lavish life. She endures her miserable life with Charlie until her children start to complain about Charlie’s strict nature. Soon, she learns that her children are victims of domestic abuse. Cynthia runs away from Charlie with her four younger children and experiences moving from one shelter/safehouse for domestic abuse victims to another. Amidst the ordeal, Cynthia’s faith in God does not falter, but only grows stronger. She eventually wins her divorce case against Charlie and gainins custody of their children. After a year, she meets and marries Ron, the man with whom she found the true meaning of love—the kind that understands, trusts and does not restrict. She also learns that material things cannot measure success and wealth. Hence, it is measured by the love you give and get from family and friends.



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