Sep 8, 2017

Marawi Hero

Even as a child, Loloy (12) enjoys helping other people in need, like his father, Florencio (52). But due to the bad influence of his friends, he discontinues his studies and later learns to play gambling, drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes. Until Loloy (20) becomes a member of a Protestant Christian religion that changes his way of life. Loloy decides to go to Marawi City with his friends to find a job, so he could finish his studies. Loloy (21) then meets Atty. Ramy, a Muslim, and he worked for him as his house helper while attending school. Years after, Loloy (28) meets Gracia (32), a teacher who later becomes his wife. Unfortunately, they are not blessed with a child, leading them to adopt Loloy’s younger sister’s newly born baby, Brian. Then they live a simple and a happy life as a complete family. But their peaceful life shatters when the Marawi siege breaks out. Loloy (55) brings his family to his Muslim employer, as this is the safest place for them to seek refuge as Christians. But when Loloy rescues Grace (59), other 35 Christian co-teachers and staff in the school begged him not to leave them behind. But Loloy's employer offers him to go with them outside the city to secure their safety. Loloy firmly decides to stay with the group, sacrificing the safety of his own family. But the streets are not safe for them Christians, leaving them with no choice but to stay and hide in the basement area of his employer’s house while waiting for the help of the military. For their survival in 12 days, Loloy bravely stands as the leader of the group. But as days go by, their food and water supplies deplete. The group endures hunger, the horrifying sounds of explosions from the outside, and the stench from the urine and wastes of all of them trapped in a cramped space. Loloy is put to test when his son Brian’s health worsens while handling the dilemmas of the group. Loloy remains strong for all of them until they receive a message from the military on the 11th day that they need to go out of the basement in order to survive. With the remaining hope to survive, Loloy leads the group to escape from the basement. But when the group is about to reach the safe zone, Brian loses strength and asks Loloy to leave him behind. Armed with love for his family, Loloy does not give up, and uses his last strength to carry his son on his back until they reach the military safe zone.


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