Marriage Contract (Husband In Coma)

Dec 29, 2012

This is a love story of Enez (20) and Marvin (24) whose great love for one another conquered almost everything that tested their relationship. They built dreams and promises. Marvin promised Enez that in time, they will surely have a church wedding. But accidentally, Enez had an early pregnancy when they were still financially unstable. So instead of having their dream church wedding, they just had a civil wedding. But still, Marvin assured Enez that once they have enough money, they will surely exchange vows in church. The two started building dreams as a family. But on the process, Marvin suffered paralysis on different parts of his body. Enez was the one who attended to Marvin’s needs. At the same time, she also had to attend to his child’s needs and their household chores. Because of every responsibility she had to do, Enez eventually got tired of taking care of Marvin. Marvin felt and knew what she was feeling. Due to his great love for Enez and because he did not want her to suffer because of him, he asked Enez to abandon him and to look for another man who is greater than him. Enez, despite the difficult times, chose to stay with her husband. But misfortune kept on testing Enez and Marvin’s love for one another. Soon, Marvin was sent to the hospital and got comatose. Enez never left him. Only then did Enez realize that she truly loves Marvin and promised that as long as Marvin lives, she would never get tired of taking care of him. Almost a month had passed but still Marvin was unconscious. Enez was frightened by the fact that Marvin might die without them being wedded in a church or by just a priest. While Marvin was still in comatose, Enez married him. One week after, Marvin miraculously woke up and it was Enez whom he saw first.


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