Mask (TB Patient)

Oct 12, 2013

Mildred is living a simple life until she is diagnosed with Tuberculosis (TB) like her father. Upon knowing her illness, a doctor assures Mildred that she can be cured after six months. But five years pass by; Mildred still has TB which has taken its toll on her. She is emotionally hurt, unable to work, and feels that she is a burden to their family. She tries different medicines and goes to different doctors just to get rid of her TB but to no avail. Until Mildred is referred by her 4th doctor to enroll in a program of Tropical Disease Foundation (TDF) which can cater to her much identified disease as Extremely Drug Resistant Tuberculosis (XDR-TB). Mildred agrees, hoping that TDF will finally be the answer to her prayers of being cured. While taking her medications at TDF every single day, Mildred unexpectedly becomes close to one of the attending nurses, Stuart. As months pass by, Mildred and Stuart fall in love with each other and eventually become a couple. Stuart is there for Mildred until after more than 18 months of being under TDF, Mildred is declared cured from XDR-TB. Mildred is so happy with the thought that she can finally live a normal life and plan her future with Stuart. But 6 months later, when Mildred takes her post-medication, it is discovered that her XDR-TB relapses and this time, it is more severe. No drug medication is effective to her anymore. Mildred is so devastated and thinks that she is really meant to die from the disease like her father. Feeling totally hopeless, Mildred wants to let go of Stuart in order to unburden him of her condition. But Stuart stays by Mildred’s side and proves her that no matter what happens, Stuart will be there for her. Mildred is given an experimental drug medicine that can be the last chance to cure her XDR-TB and she also undergoes operation. Fortunately, after 26 months, Mildred is declared totally cured from XDR-TB until today. Mildred is now contented with her life most especially when she and Stuart get married.    


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