Medalyon (Kulto)

Apr 16, 2011

Lisa and her younger brother Arthur lived with her Lola Francisca after her parents got separated. Lisa grew up longing for her parents Fidel, who went to the States with a new love, and Tess who also lived with another man, though her grandmother has given almost everything she needed. Years passed until Lisa found the love of her life, Efren. Lisa accidentally got pregnant the time her father Fidel came from the States that became the start of her miserable life. Fidel went against Lisa and Efren. He wanted her daughter to be his wife and to have sexual relationship with her. Fidel wanted Lisa to abandon Efren and to live with him. Eventually, Lisa found out that the misery she has been experiencing was all because of an “anting-anting” Fidel badly wanted. In the end, Lisa took the courage to face those difficulties. And with the love and presence of Efren, Francisca and her kids, Lisa was able to surpass the darkest part of her life.


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