Medyas (Medyas)

Dec 20, 2008

All Jojie wanted for christmas was to receive a doll from Santa Claus. At the age of 6, a soon as Simbang Gabi starts, she would hang one of her socks outside their door. But after 2 years of patiently hoping for Santa to give her a present, Jojie did not once receive the gift she wanted, but rather pieces of colorful candies from her Lolo Saning. She would feel sad, but her Lolo Saning, Jojie’s bubbly and kindhearted lolo, would always say that maybe santa didn’t see their house because they have no electricity or because their house was small and there is no address, her hopes of receiving a gift from Santa would be back. On her 3rd year of hanging a sock, Lolo Saning promised Jojie that Santa would give her the present Jojie so long yearned for, and she believed him. It was christmas eve of 1982, when Jojie suddenly woke up and saw her Lolo Saning walking in their house and even managed to tap Jojie’s back until she fell asleep. Jojie was sure tomorrow’s Christmas would be their best, only to find out that Lolo Saning died of a stroke. Jojie was sad, she even removed the sock she hung for that Christmas, she just wanted to have her lolo back. Until, January of 1983, Jojie found a doll in front of their house. The doll was old and dirty, but for Jojie, it was the beautiful doll she had ever seen, because Jojie believed the doll came from his Lolo Saning.


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