Mistress Mother

Apr 29, 2017

Clara (17) grows up without a father. As a young woman becomes drawn to a much older man, Jun (30s) who does not hide his own interest in her. Jun is a married man and Clara tries to avoid him by going abroad. However once Clara (21) returned, Jun pursues her further to the point of locking her up against her will. Clara becomes pregnant. Not wanting her child to grow up without a father, she decides to stay as Jun's mistress. As a mistress Clara (40s) endures the shame of being the second woman, accepting her place in society. She tries her best to keep her children Jason (13), Job (12) and Jeff (3) close to her. For years they keep moving from home to home avoiding the scorn of the first wife who seems determined to keep them from having a peaceful life. Throughout all this, her youngest son desires only to meet his half-siblings. But Clara is unable to fulfill his wish. When Jeff turns 16 he becomes diagnosed with cancer. It is then that Clara and Jun decide to introduce the half-siblings to each other. Jeff tells her mother not to be ashamed as he meets his siblings, because no matter the circumstances she was a good mother to them. Jeff dies feeling the love of all his siblings. And Clara learns from her son to finally ask forgiveness from the first wife, and write her a letter of gratitude for also being able to accept her children.


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