MMK Adelina

Jun 9, 2018

In a span of just a year’s time, Adelina (7) experiences consecutive deaths of her family members in the province of Iloilo. It all started when her eldest sister Bebeng (8) dies from drowning. Soon after, her youngest sister Gigi (8 months old), passes away due to unknown circumstances, followed by the death of her brother Jun-jun after consuming expired medicine. The last is her father, Alfredo (50s), after suffering from tuberculosis. The consecutive losses in her family challenge Adelina’s tender age and fate to keep her mentally incapable mother Norma (40s) and her younger brother Dodoy (7) intact. But her effort to keep her family together falls short when her mother sends Dodoy (12) off to Batangas, with their father’s anak-anakan, Remy (30s) to provide for the latter’s education. With no solid relationship with her family, Adelina (13) resents Norma for letting her remaining sibling go. A few months later, Norma regrets her decision and goes to Manila to look for Dodoy, leaving Adelina on her own in the province. But Adelina is soon sent to Batangas, only to work for Remy. Adelina’s hopes seem to end in vain when she later finds out that her mother suffered a nervous breakdown, asking what her life has become. Instead of wallowing in her misery, Adelina does everything to protect her mother and Dodoy and brings them back home to Iloilo. As soon as they are home, Adelina (17) sees the change in her mother’s character. Norma has become better and has started to work for the family again. Unfortunately, not a year into their return to Iloilo, Dodoy suffers the same fate as their mother and falls into a traumatic mental breakdown. Months later, Dodoy (16) suffers the same fate as their eldest sister as he drowns in the same waters that she did. Then, Adelina vows that she will never let such things happen to her own family. As she meets Jonard (19), the two build a life together, confident that Adelina’s family’s fate will never happen to them. In 2011, as Adelina (36) gives birth to her seventh child Jaynard, she is diagnosed with heart enlargement. With this, Adelina scrambles hard through her life in trying to protect her children, with or without his unfaithful husband’s help. Three years later, Adelina (39) is miraculously cleared of her heart enlargement. After years of enduring series of pain, Adelina now lives happily with a stable business and is proud that her eldest daughter has graduated from college, realizing that all her experiences have actually helped her become whole.



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