MMK Barbie Imperial Story

Apr 28, 2018

Barbie grows up in a simple family with her mother, Marilyn, and maternal half-brother, Bryce. Marilyn takes on the responsibility of being the family’s sole provider by putting up a sari-sari store, a barbecue stand, and by selling clothes from Divisoria. Growing up Barbie starts to yearn for her father, unknown to Marilyn. Her yearning for her father leads to her rejection from him. This ends Barbie’s search for her father. Barbie moves on in life, joining competitions then eventually joining Pinoy Big Brother (PBB). In one of the show’s segment, Barbie expresses that she still loves and recognizes Nelson as her father even though he left them. Hurt by Barbie’s confession, Marilyn expresses her disappointment to Barbie, thinking that her daughter does not appreciate her love and effort. Barbie tells her mother that she loves her mother very much, and that her search for her father does not mean that Marilyn was lacking as a mother. At present, Barbie still lives with her mother and is in good terms her father.



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