MMK Bunsong Haligi

Jan 13, 2018

Freddie (6), grows up in a big, but poor family in Famy, Laguna. He is born the youngest in their brood of twelve, but unfortunately, due to malnutrition, he only comes to know eight of his older siblings. Growing up, he sees the efforts of his father Domeng (40s) as a carpenter, and his mother Puring (40s) as a laundrywoman to make do of what they have for the whole family. Along with this, his older siblings Elo (late 20s) and Tino (mid 20s), who are both disabled, work together as tricycle drivers to be able to add to their family income. As he grows, Freddie (12) dreams to be a teacher someday, in order to help and teach his siblings who are not able to finish their studies due to poverty. With the help of Sisters of Boystown, a newly found orphanage run by missionary nuns, Freddie is able to go to high school for free, but in Marikina City, a few hours away from his hometown. For four years, Freddie goes to and from Marikina in order to visit his family in Laguna. Every week, when he goes home, he often asks his family for allowance but not one in the family is able to help him. Due to this, his eldest brother Elo, proposed that all their eight siblings save five pesos every day to contribute to Freddie’s weekly allowance. Freddie appreciates this gesture of his siblings, but most especially his kuya Elo. As soon as he graduates from high school, he decides to pursue a college degree, only this time, he no longer has the support of his family, due to their poverty. Among the siblings, only Freddie is determined to finish a college degree. He then pleads with his mother and his crippled older brother Elo to send him to college and he eventually succeeds. Freddie is ultimately thankful to Elo, who is the first one to approve of his request. Unfortunately, a year later, Elo goes in and out of the hospital due to multiple kidney complications and a few months later, ultimately dies. Due to this, one by one, his siblings stop contributing for his weekly allowance. This makes him resent his family as he faces a harder struggle to survive a life away from them, with just a measly amount of support. In spite of this, Freddie is all the more motivated to finish his degree, as he later on understands that his siblings have begun having their own families. He then sees the struggles of each of his siblings and vows to pursue more in life in order to pay them back for all they have done for him. Years later, he finishes his degree in BS Education, Major in English in the Philippine Normal University. He goes back home to Laguna and now pays back the efforts of his siblings by sending his nieces and nephews to school. Along with this, Freddie also saves his siblings by shouldering almost all of their daily expenses to get them by. Currently, Freddie is a Vice Mayor in the fifth class municipality of Famy, Laguna. One of his advocacies as a politician is to promote a better education for all of the children in Famy.


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