MMK Identity Theft

Jun 23, 2018

Caitlin Taluban (18) is born in a well-off family, who also are complemented with their good looks. While her older sister is a confident commercial model, Caitlin is a timid girl who shies away from the limelight. To boost her confidence, her mother Vivian (late 30s) pushes her to join beauty pageants, and with this, Caitlin gains her confidence. Discovering her ability to cook, Caitlin tries out her luck in Junior Master Chef. As soon as she joins the competition, she is able to grow a fan base on Facebook which is closely monitored by her mother. Vivian is fond of replying to Caitlin’s fans, as the latter’s fan base grows bigger. As Caitlin becomes a part of the Top 5 of the Junior Master Chef in the nearing finals, she becomes even more famous and gains the attention of even more viewers and netizens. At school, Caitlin becomes a muse, the school’s face and a part of pageants. Acknowledging her popularity, she gains suitors which her mother filters out for her. In addition to being popular at school, Caitlin tries her best to keep her image clean in the eyes of everyone—afraid to be judged by the lot. One day, a fan named Charles gets in touch with her through chat. She and her mother gets to know this fan. However, their trust is gained when Charles tells them that he comes from a poor family, with a battered mother and a sick father. Caitlin trusts him to the point that she gives in to his favors such as asking for a birthday video greeting for a fellow fan, and sending him an address to receive gifts. Nevertheless, one day, Charles introduces to Caitlin and Vivian a fan and a suitor named Isaiah. Caitlin and Vivian agree to meet Isaiah, but soon turns uncomfortable when she feels his gaze somehow looks suspicious. After a bit of hesitation, Caitlin agrees to meet Isaiah again. On this second time, her instincts tell her that there really is something suspicious about Isaiah. Later on, Charles admits that the meet-up he orchestrated between Caitlin and Isaiah is a set-up. Charles confesses that he stole Caitlin’s identity and posed as Caitlin on Facebook and engaged in a relationship with clueless Isaiah. Caitlin is in utter disgust as she finds out that Charles used her face in order to be in a then two-year old relationship with Isaiah. Caitlin immediately dismisses her relationship with Isaiah as her trust for Charles is crushed. Soon after, Caitlin fears for her image might be tainted without her knowledge, prompting her and mother Vivian to demand a video and a letter of apology from Charles to be released in public. Soon, Caitlin and Vivian learn the responsibility there is to carry along fame and popularity. 



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