MMK Kaya Rehab

May 26, 2018

Bea and Nina Labos (7) are twins who grow up in a happy and comfortable life. They grew up in a large house with five cars and inside an upscale village. But still, the twins learn to live a simple life with the guidance of their mother, Evy Labos (32) and father, Robert Labos (32). The twins are especially close to their father, Robert who spoils them. The twins recall having sweet childhood memories with their father who brings them every day to school and spends weekends with them. Robert loves to call Bea “baby” and Nina, “darling.” For the twins, their father is a reliable man, and he is just a call away. Until one day, their father stopped going home and Evy announces that Robert is sick and he can’t go home just yet. This news brings shock to the twins, but waited for the day until they can see their father again. Years pass, Robert (36) appears again in the life of the twins, but to their surprise, Robert is no longer the father they know. Robert looks dirty and homeless – looking complete stranger to Bea (11) and Nina (11). Regardless, the twins are filled with excitement and joy to see their father and hug him. Bea and Nina spend time again with their father, which Robert calls as “special day.” Robert separately spends time with the twins as Bea is sporty and adventurous and Nina loves girly stuffs and fashion. All is well, until Robert falls sick again and is not able to come home. Later, Bea (13) and Nina (13) discover that Robert is not sick and just receiving treatments from rehabilitation centers because of his addiction to shabu. With Robert goes on and off to rehabilitation centers to receive treatments, the twins grow apart from their father. As a result, Bea and Nina wish to never see Robert again because of humiliation, fear and false hopes that Robert will change for their family. Meanwhile, the twins see Evy (38) never giving up on their father and try to help him with his treatments. Bea and Nina start to think that Evy is a fool for not getting tired of Robert’s numerous relapses. When Robert (41) proposes to settle down in Baguio to give their family another chance, the twins can’t help but doubt the plan. Bea (16) and Nina (16) are afraid of the foreseeable relapse of Robert but seeing the drive of their mother and her relentless devotion to their father, the twins consider giving Robert a second chance. Upon settling down in Baguio, the twins face again the doubts of Robert turning back again to his drugs. But every time, their mother will make them realize that Robert is trying hard to win back their trust. Robert then strives hard to gain the respect of his daughters by doing his best to avoid drugs and by spending time with Bea and Nina. Bea and Nina learn to accept again their father by witnessing Evy’s sacrifices in helping Robert to regain himself. Seeing also the will and sincerity of their father to change, Bea and Nina find in their heart to forgive their father. When Robert plans to build his own rehabilitation center in Baguio, Bea and Nina become a pillar to Robert. In their own ways, the twins show their acceptance to their father by supporting him in building the first international rehabilitation center in the Philippines named ”Kaya Rehab” – as all addicts, with the help of their family and in their utmost will, can change.



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