MMK Life's Harmony

Nov 6, 2017

Joel (12) grows up in a barrio at Kabankalan, Negros Occidental, where he is exposed to the value of music and education. It is because his father Tuting (40s), who also happens to be the best barber in their town, is a sweet haranista but is strict with his children’s schooling. At this, Joel is amused and dreams to be a musician just like his father. During high school, Joel leans on music as his relief whenever he encounters difficulties in life, especially poverty. As he grows older and enters college, his dream to be a musician is put on a hold when he is forced to focus on his studies to sustain his scholarship. Joel goes on to work different jobs, including joining a band. This unfortunately gets Joel off of the dean’s list as he develops bad drinking habits and more. As soon as Tuting (60s) finds out, he orders Joel to stop working and focus on his studies, leading Joel to graduate on time. Then, Joel immediately works as a teacher in the same college where he graduated. Two years later, he is transferred to a public school and comes face-to-face with the poverty of his students. This inspires him to motivate the students to study harder, through music. Due to his passion and dedication to his music, teaching and charity, Joel (late 20s) eventually becomes one of the most known teachers in their town. This leads him to meet a sickly woman named Faith (mid 20s) who eventually becomes his wife. Joel and Faith build a family together but their relationship turns sour just three years later when the former unintentionally neglects his pregnant wife due to his busy schedule recording an album for their church. The two mend their relationship as soon as their son Gospel is born. With the support of his wife and son, Joel strives hard to create an excellent environment in every school he is assigned to, searching for donations and sponsorships among many others, in order to help students and families considered as poorest of the poor. Joel gets the help he needs for the schools and he is continuously known as one of the best teachers in Kabankalan. But all these did not seem to matter when Faith is diagnosed of broncho-pneumonia and heart enlargement.  Penniless, his hopelessness soon turns into fear when he is forced to take Faith out of the hospital in spite of her sickly situation. But even so, the family sticks together and Joel continues teaching and sharing his life through his music. Faith is eventually healed and this leads Joel to his gratefulness for the second life of his wife. Currently, Joel is hailed as the most outstanding teacher in Kabankalan, Negros Occidental for two straight years.



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