MMK My Bigger Purpose

Jun 2, 2018

Romel, the youngest in his family’s brood of four boys, grows up in a mediocre living in Carles Island, in the province of Iloilo. Romel keeps his good relationship with his three older brothers. Until Romel’s family finds out that two of his brothers, Nonoy (20) and Toto (23), have a romantic relationship with their close relatives. Because of this, their mother’s illness worsens, and eventually dies due to meningitis. Romel (14) resorts to drinking alcohol as escape from his family dilemmas. After high school graduation, Romel (18) tries his luck in Manila to fulfill his dream of becoming a seaman. But later Romel meets Easter (20’s) and eventually marries her. As soon as the two settle, they both go home to Iloilo and try to find their fortune in Romel’s hometown. Once home, Romel (20’s) finds out that Nonoy (33) realizes an illness. At first, Nonoy consults to quack doctors. But, upon being checked in the hospital, the family discovers that Nonoy has Dystonia – a neurological movement disorder that results into twisting, repetitive movements or abnormally fixed postures. Furthermore, the family discovers that this is a genetic disorder that had been passed on to them, from their mother who is a healthy carrier of the genes. Upon realizing this, Rommel develops fear, not only for himself, but also for his brothers, their children, and most especially, his wife Easter. As if following a series of deaths through the years, Rommel (30’s) witnesses his brothers’ death as they succumb to Dystonia as the years went by. Despite this, Romel tries to become optimistic in his life through continuously working as a fisherman and wood maker to secure his family’s daily needs, and most especially, his children’s education. Romel’s (37) life took a sudden turn when he becomes a member of ICODE, a group of Non-government organizations that aims to establish sustainable and holistic communities in Iloilo. Under ICODE, Romel is able to spearhead an association which aims to protect the seas and underwater resources of their island. Because of this, Romel becomes hopeful in his life as he realizes his bigger purpose and legacy in life – to protect the environment and to help his community through sustainable livelihood programs.


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