MMK Ukelele

Jun 16, 2018

Libertine “Tin” Amistoso (11) grows up with a lesbian identification. At her curious young age, she engages into romantic relationships with the same sex, as she tries to discover herself through it all. Through the years, Tin (18) sees and identifies herself as a lesbian, until Mark (18) comes along. In this four-year relationship, Tin feels like she has found the one she will spend the rest of her life with, until a year later, she meets Mark’s best friend Jessica (18). Instead of developing just a friendship with Jessica, Tin develops romantic feelings for her instead. With this, Tin feels like she really is a lesbian and nothing more. She explains her side to boyfriend Mark, but the latter dismisses her feelings and goes on with their lives and their relationship, without Jessica tagging along. Ultimately, Mark (22) and Tin’s (22) four-year relationship is cut short when the two discover that their dreams for their personal lives are not aligned with each other’s. After this relationship, Tin then promises not to enter any relationship at all, until she is able to provide for her family’s needs and pay for their debts. Then comes Lolito (30), a conceited, breezy guy who has been long known for having a string of relationships here and there. In spite of her promise to herself and to her parents not to enter into any relationships, Tin ultimately breaks this promise as she commits herself in a relationship with Lolito, after the latter does numerous acts to woo and sweep her off her feet. Tin disappoints her parents, especially after she initially turns down their relative’s offer for her to work abroad. Even more disappointing to them, just in four short months of knowing and being together with Lolito, Tin unexpectedly gets pregnant. As soon as her parents find out about her pregnancy, their decision to send her off to Japan becomes firmer, to which Lolito strongly pleads against. Unknown  to Tin, her parents and her aunt in Japan have initially planned to set her up with a Japanese national – Shiro (28). According to her aunt, this will make her Japanese-citizenship faster, compared to pursuing a job and staying in the country for a long period of time. Eventually, Tin decides to go to Japan not to work, but to go have a vacation so she can have time and decide for herself without the influence of her parents, nor Lolito, on what to do with her life. Eventually, Tin decides to come back home and build a family with Lolito, as she declares to herself that in spite of her past as a tomboy, love is and will always be genderless. Unknown to her, Lolito finished their song entitled “Titibo-tibo” – the story of how Tin, a little girl who grew up to be a tomboy, fell in love with the conceited breezy boy that he is, not because of what they are biologically made to be but because of what they have become and what they have done for the other, regardless of their gender. Also unknown to her, Lolito submitted their song to the annual songwriting competition Himig Handog 2017. Ultimately, due to its catchy melody and relatable lyrics, the song hit the charts in no time, and emerged as the annual competition’s Grand Winner in 2017. Together, Tin and Lolito believe that this achievement is a proof of their genuine and genderless love for each other and her unseen devotion and determination to build them a better family life.



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