Mother Graduate

Mar 11, 2017

Growing up in a low-income family, smart and beautiful Vin-zl has always strived to excel at school in order to support her family someday. When her sister becomes pregnant at 18 and has to stop schooling, Vin-zl is confident that she will not end up like sister. She even graduates from high school as valedictorian and makes it to college, where she meets her boyfriend, Red. They fall in love with each other. But then Vin-zl (17) unexpectedly gets pregnant and she has to drop out of college to take care of the baby. Meanwhile, Red takes initiative to support them by working. When Vin-zl gives birth to Vianca, she learns what it takes to be a teenage mother. But she has only started getting the hang of it when she sees photos of her friends enjoying college and nearing graduation. As it has always been her dream to finish school, she becomes jealous of her batchmates and becomes determined to go back to college. She asks help from her father to send her to school again and he obliges. Because she and Red cannot afford to hire help to look after Vianca, they decide to take her with them to school. Fortunately, the dean of their college allows them to do this. Vin-zl then struggles to juggle between student life and motherhood as Red continues to support them by working. Despite the struggle, Vin-zl is a consistent dean’s lister up until her graduation. When she receives her graduation photos, she posts them on Facebook, which unexpectedly garner widespread attention, as many people commend her for her strength and resilience. At present, Vin-zl is pregnant with her second baby. She and Victor are still together while Vianca is in Grade One. An epitome of womanhood, Vin-zl believes that she is currently doing her best as a mother so that she is able to send her children to college someday as well.  


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