Mar 19, 2016

Ronnie “R2” (9) grows up spoiled by his father, Ronnie (39), who comes from a wealthy family in Laguna. R2 instantly gets what he wants from his father. However, his father’s generosity hides his vices. Ronnie is an alcoholic and a womanizer. R2 is frightened of Ronnie’s violent nature when drunk, but still cannot sleep if not beside his father. Everything changes when Ronnie gets into a motorcycle accident, where he loses one eye. Ronnie becomes unable to work, which leads to the family’s eventual bankruptcy. But despite that, the accident changes Ronnie for the better, making him lose his vices and turning him into a much caring father. Despite this change, his relationship with R2 remains strained, as R2 experiences his own set of problems. R2 starts to experience bullying from his rich classmates. R2 decides to transfer to a public school. Although the bullying stops, R2 becomes less focused in his academics, with the change in schools. R2 starts missing a lot of his classes, preferring basketball over academics. As R2’s grades deteriorate, Ronnie further pushes him to do better in his education, even comparing him to his brothers, who were doing much better than him. R2 feels as if his father only sees his mistakes, and further makes him lose interest in doing better in school. Without improvement, R2 eventually flunks out of school. R2 blames all of his misfortunes and how their life changed so much on his parents. It is only later that R2 comes to realize how lucky he is to have his parents. Just when Ronnie feels hopeless for his son, R2 is given the chance to change through his passion in basketball. He gets a 100% varsity scholarship in a different school and things start to change from then on. R2 excels in basketball, until he becomes the star player of their varsity team. Just before R2 graduates from high school, he eventually tries to join in a school pageant and luckily wins the grand title. From then on, R2 tries his luck in TV commercials until he is discovered in ABS-CBN and is put in a boy group, the “Hashtags.” As R2 climbs the ladder to a better life, he regains the trust of Ronnie. R2 stops blaming his parents for all his problems and continue to make them proud. He is able to see that he needs to take responsibility for his actions — and that no one else could do that for him.



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