Musiko (Wake Singer)

Oct 10, 2009

Santa dreamt to be a singer, perform on stage and be applauded by many. She joined several contests but still failed to enter the world of show business. Santa was in college when she got discovered and became a lounge singer which she thought was the start of fulfilling her dreams, but she was wrong. There, she met Peter, a drummer, whom she fell in love with and became the father of her three children. Santa, giving up her dream to be a singer, decided to focus on her family and she did until her mother-in-law invited her to sing at a burial. At first, Santa did not want to sing, she could not understand the purpose of singing to a dead person. But because of financial reasons, Santa decided to sing anyway. Not long after, Santa and her group ventured into singing at wakes. Being able to interact with the family and gaining knowledge about the life of the dead person they were singing to, Santa finally grasped the importance of her occupation—giving honor to the dead. Santa realized that singing at wakes was the fulfillment of her dream, she enjoyed her popularity that she overlooked her family. It was not until her son Leandro told her all her shortcomings making her get back on track—being a good mother while fulfilling her dream.


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