Notebook (Highschool Love)

Sep 13, 2008

Pangking (Matt Evans), the campus heartthrob, and Aming (Kim Chiu), an ordinary and simple girl in class, started off as best friends. Aming became King's bridge in courting Neneng, one of Aming's girl friends. Unexpectedly, King fell in love with Aming. Their friendship grew deeper as a romantic relationship between them began. Conflicts arise and rivalries emerged when Aming's circle of friends and their teachers showed objection against their relationship. Many of the girls in class felt envious of Aming because she almost had King in her hands. Their teachers were also against them because romantic relationships were prohibited in their catholic school's administration. However, no matter how rampant the oppositions against their relationship were, their love for each other grew stronger. King had even sacrificed his membership in the campus dance troupe just to give way for Aming's love for dancing, since the club would not allow couple members. Also, for Aming to get back her friendship with her girl friends, Aming and King did a role-playing pretending that they were already separated. But the drama only lasted for three days because they could not take ignoring each other anymore. Still, they remained as the best of lovers as they were best of friends throughout their high school years. It was only after high school when they broke their relationship off, yet still remain as best of friends, where all the real love they felt for each other all started.


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