Of Love and Family

Jul 21, 2018

Being adopted by her auntie, Remy grows up craving and working hard for full attention, love, and family as the former cannot give all the love she has been hoping given her family set-up. However, the quiet, ladylike, but hardworking Remy(17) still provides for her family as she works at a bakery shop where she gets to meet her first love, Allan(19), a handsome promising middle class college guy who dreams big for himself. As their friendship blossoms, Remy feels how important she is for Allan – he would wait for her till 3 am at work, would give her gifts as though she’s precious, and accepting her low education attainment. Because of it, Remy falls for Allan and eventually they become lovers. As their relationship progresses, Remy then makes love with Allan and accidentally gets pregnant. Running from his responsibilities, Allan pushes Remy to abort the baby which pains her as she thought she can finally have her real family. But she still aborts the baby for Allan’s convenience. In deep regret, Allan promises Remy that the next time it happens again, he will stand up for her and their child. After another few years of their relationship, Remy (20) gets pregnant again which Allan (22) already supports as he stops studying and works in a factory. Also, as a young dad, Allan treats his child as a trophy – making sure that the kid will grow up as smart as his brothers’ children. But little by little, their relationship takes a negative turn as Allan becomes tired of earning money from a factory for his family instead of studying and achieving his own dreams. Allan then leaves Remy and their child alone, pursuing his own dreams. Pained, Remy faces tomorrow without Allan, empowering herself to provide for her child. She then starts working in a burger machine where she meets Nathan (23), a total opposite of Allan - average looking guy with piercings and tattoos who takes Allan’s responsibility as a father to Remy’s child. Remy and Nathan then become a happy family, raising her child well. But along their journey, Allan, who already achieved his goals in life, comes back trying to get Remy and his child (3) for he regrets seeing them happy with another man. Remy then feels confused for she realizes that she still loves Allan. Tired of heartbreak and empty promises, Remy chooses Nathan who has been beside her through ups and downs. She then kisses Allan goodbye and finally marries Nathan, building their own family as both never stops learning to become good parents for their two children.


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