Orasan (Summer Job)

Apr 5, 2014

Jhonny and Aileen meet in a summer job. Due to her kind heart, he falls in love with her. And to prove his love for her, Jhonny does everything he can. But it is never an easy thing for him since Aileen does not trust men because her younger sister once got pregnant and was left by the father of the child. It even becomes harder for her to trust Jhonny because Jhonny admits to her that he also once left a woman whom he impregnated for the fear of not being able to support them. But soon, because of Jhonny’s determination, Aileen eventually realizes how pure his love for her is. Everything seems so right for the two until Aileen starts to demand so much time from Jhonny even though Jhonny is studying and working then at the same time. Little by little, Jhonny gets tired of loving Aileen. He feels that he has already done everything for Aileen but she still does not appreciate it. It is when Aileen has to prove her love for Jhonny. Like what Jhonny did before, she also does everything for him. In the end, Jhonny and Aileen stays together because they learn that in a relationship, both of them have to give and take for them to have a fruitful one.



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