Pagkain (Fat Lady)

Feb 1, 2014

Having a womanizer and a gambler father, and a manic-depressive mother, Iza Calzado grows up in a very chaotic household. Her parents would always fight because her mother suspects her father for having an illicit affair. True enough, at a very young age, Iza discovers that her father is having an affair with his secretary and it becomes one of the reasons why Iza lives in a broken family. Despite that, Iza remains very close with her father more than her mother because she cannot understand her mother whose manic-depressive condition worsens at that time. Due to the stress in her family with no one taking care of her and giving her attention, Iza turns to food. She finds pleasure and comfort in eating which leads her to obesity. Because of her fatness, Iza would often hear people calling her ‘baboy, mataba’. Even her own mother calls her that way. Iza is even called, ‘maitim and pangit’ by her mother which adds to her insecurity. And also because of that, Iza thinks that no man could love her seriously. Iza considers losing weight but she just cannot stop her eating habit. Time passes until she falls in love with Pablo. Unfortunately, Iza realizes that Pablo could not like her because of her figure. Soon, Iza decides to lose her weight and she is able to have the figure every girl dreams of although it is a roller coaster ride for her. Due to Iza’s slim figure, Pablo falls in love with her and they become a couple eventually. But in spite of her boyfriend and her slim body, Iza is still not satisfied with her life. She still thinks that something is missing until her relationship with her mother gets better. Only then she understands her more and realizes that her mother has her own battle that is why she is not able to take care of her. Everything seems so right until her mother died. That is when Iza realizes that she does not want to end up like her – directionless. She quits school then starts her showbiz career. Iza mends her relationship with her father who becomes really supportive of her career. In the end, with her supportive father, good career and healthy life, Iza finally gets real happiness and satisfaction in life.



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