Palda (Babaeng Bakla)

Jan 26, 2013

Gia was forced to change her funny, loud and outgoing personality into being a timid and formal woman by her husband Mitch for the sake of their marriage. Gia thought that when she followed the whims of her husband, their relationship will get better but she was wrong. As Gia felt the loneliness of her transformation, Gia also felt that Mitch was drifting away from her. And then one day, Gia saw herself being kicked out of their house by no other than Mitch. Lost, Gia went to the comforts of her gay friend’s house, Kirara. To recover, Gia was helped by Kirara to remember who she truly is, and Gia did. But the problem was Gia overdid it and was mistaken for a gay. Gia, with her short red hair, wore make-up to the extent that she looked like a gay. Looking like that, Gia visited her two children. When Mitch saw Gia’s appearance, he was mad to the extent that he told Gia that in order to get her children back, she should first respect herself and act accordingly. That it was good that Gia found herself, but Gia should also think of the welfare of their children. Mitch explained that due to Gia’s appearance, their children were being teased by other children. Gia realized the truth in what Mitch said, and for her and her children’s sake, Gia decided to retain her funny character but she stopped dressing in a way that she was mistaken for a gay. When Mitch saw Gia’s change, Gia did not even have to ask for her children back, Mitch gave Gia their children and left them at peace.


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