Panyo (Love Waits)

May 31, 2014

Susan (16) is the youngest in her family. She joins a religious organization called Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement in college and meets Cecile (15). Cecile eventually becomes one of Susan’s best friends. At 18, Susan meets Rope (17) who eventually courts her. In 6 months, Susan starts to like Rope. But then, Susan learns from Cecile, who is unaware of the courtship, that Rope is Cecile’s ex-boyfriend. Susan helps Cecile get back together with Rope, to no avail. When things between Rope and Cecile do not work out even with Susan’s help, Susan finally informs Cecile of the courtship and tells her that she will soon say yes to Rope. This breaks their friendship. Susan eventually learns that Cecile attempted to commit suicide. Because of this, Susan leaves Rope for Cecile. But Cecile leaves Dumaguete for good without Susan knowing. The three of them then live separate lives. After 6 years, Susan (25) attempts to enter the nunnery. But when Rope (24) finds out about it, he rushes to Susan’s house to confirm whether or not Susan will indeed become a nun. When he learns that Susan’s father did not allow Susan, Rope starts to court Susan again. They then continue the relationship they had 6 years ago, and after a year of being together, they finally decide to tie the knot.



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