Parol (Lumang Bahay)

Dec 18, 2010

A poignant and touching story of a mother who tries to save the only inheritance she could give her blind son – their ancestral house. Nanay Maring and her blind son Toto were living in a two-storey ancestral home in Sabang, Batangas. They were living a lush life until Maring’s children asked the share of their inheritance and sold parcels of their land. Soon, Maring realized that their fortune was already gone and all that’s left was their old house. But series of unfortunate events led them to pawn their home to the bank. Nanay Maring and Toto tried their best to keep the house. They went to their relatives to seek help but no one was able to lend them money. Sadly, the house was scheduled for demolition. Nanay Maring, who could not take what happened, died the day before the house was about to be demolished.  Toto painfully bade his goodbye to their beloved home and live on a smaller house with his niece.  He tries to build new memories but he never forgets the good life they once had on their old home.


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