Parol (Parol King)

Dec 19, 2015

Rolando (10) grows-up in Pampanga, amidst the culture of parol making. As a child, he helps make the giant lantern of Barangay Del Pillar, his hometown. More than the parols of Pampanga, he loves the Christmas season with his family and his neighborhood. However, as he grows older, parol making takes a backseat in his life. He finds a job in Saudi, where he works as a butler and entertainer to the palace. Rolando (21) feels extremely lonely in Saudi, especially during the Christmas season, which is not celebrated in Saudi. He is also unable to be with his family, when his sister grows sick and dies. During his third year in Saudi, Christmas is especially lonely, since he spends it away from his family and his new bride Renita. He thinks of the giant lanterns of Pampanga, and the feeling of wanting to go home intensifies. With the light of the giant parol and the thought of seeing them with his family in mind, he goes home, for good. Rolando and Renita build a family together, having a hard time making ends meet, but happy to be together. Rolando (30) ends up going back to the parol making trade, which he struggles with at first. He gets two apprentices to help him, and to pass the trade to. The turning point of his success was when Rolando (40) was chosen to make the parols to light up the devastated streets of San Fernando, Pampanga, after the lahar in 1995. Like the giant parol that brought him home, he hopes his parols will bring Kapampangans hope to their hometown. This is the turning point of his career, and his success in the parol industry continues to flourish, earning him the monicker Parol King.



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