Picture (Caregiver Mistress)

Jul 11, 2015

A young barrio lass from Bacolod, Rosa (17) moves to Iloilo because her family cannot provide for her anymore. She works as a waitress at a local bar where she meets Boyet (20s), a lanky who frequents the place. A friendship develops between them until they both decide to take it to the next level by being a couple. After a month since knowing each other, Rosa and Boyet decide to live together. They cherish two blissful years together until Rosa becomes pregnant with their first child. Happiness turns to misery when Rosa shockingly discovers, through a picture in Boyet’s wallet, that he is already married and with a child. Despite Rosa’s departure, Boyet finds a way to make her return to his arms and back in Iloilo. Unfortunately, Boyet’s legal wife Che-Che finds out about his illicit affair with Rosa. Tense confrontations ensue and Rosa leaves Boyet for good. However, Boyet exerts all his efforts to save their relationship, and Rosa once again follows her heart and welcomes him back. Rosa and Boyet continue their affair amidst the risks. As years pass by, Che-Che’s relationship with Boyet’s family turns sour. Her health soon deteriorates after she develops a serious kidney problem that even her own family is unable to support her anymore. Moved by Che-Che’s miserable state and wishing to make up for being partly responsible for Che-Che’s misery, Rosa offers Che-Che her and Boyet’s home. She pours out her heart by taking care and attending to the needs of her partner’s ailing legal wife, despite being under scrutiny of the judgmental eyes of their neighbors and some relatives. Though Rosa and Che-Che clash a couple of times, the former refuses to quit, hoping that things will eventually turn out for the best. However, time is a kind but unforgiving friend. As they develop a beautiful and uncommon friendship, Che-Che succumbs to her kidney disease. During the wake, Che-Che’s relatives thank Rosa for her golden heart, that no matter what the circumstances are between her and Che-Che, Rosa still chose to be kind and lend a hand to a person in need. Rosa is a living proof that kindness in the world still exists, even with mistresses.



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