Picture (Juan Karlos)

Sep 27, 2014

A half-German and half-Filipino, Juan Karlos “JK” Labajo grows up not knowing his German father while his mother does not live with him because of work. Those are the reasons why his maternal grandmother and uncle raise him since birth. Life is not easy for them. They always transfer from one house to another because of poverty. Later on, JK’s mother gets married and has her own family. It is then JK feels alone and longs to have a complete family despite the love of his grandmother, uncle, and mother. He starts searching for his father but to no avail. As days pass by, JK starts to discover and develop his talent in singing. He dreams of becoming a singer and actor to help his family, which is the same dream his mother has for him. Unfortunately, his mother dies because of cancer. While still grieving for his loss, JK tries his luck in The Voice Kids Philippines, a reality singing competition, to make his mother’s dream for him come true. JK becomes part of the competition and ends up being the 2nd runner-up. He may not win the title, in JK’s heart, he knows that he can make his mother proud.



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