Picture (Pinay-Indonesian Friendship)

Apr 2, 2016

Evelyn (35) is a widow who has to work as a domestic helper in Hong Kong to support her kids, Aina Roziel (9), Ranier (7), and Zarah Jane (7 months). Being away from her family was not easy and she gets her strength from attending Christian fellowship services. There, she meets Beth (41), a fellow overseas worker from Indonesia whose marriage with a younger Filipino man is on the rocks. Meanwhile, Evelyn is also having a hard time because of her Chinese employer who does not treat her right. Evelyn and Beth become each other’s confidant and soon find a sister in each other. When Evelyn’s (41) contract ends, Beth (47) decides to go with her to the Philippines and start a new life because she does not want to go back to her family in Indonesia and tell them about her failed marriage. Evelyn welcomes Beth to her home and accepts her as part of her own family. After a couple of years, Evelyn decides to work abroad again in Singapore to support the needs of her growing children. Beth willingly takes up the role of second mother to Evelyn’s kids. While Evelyn is abroad, however, Beth suffers from stroke which renders her paralyzed. Without a second thought, Evelyn comes home to the Philippines to take care of Beth. As Beth’s (65) condition worsens, Evelyn (59) decides to locate Beth’s family with the help of the Indonesian embassy in the Philippines. Their efforts pay off when they are able to locate Beth’s family and they begin processing her repatriation. Evelyn accompanies Beth to Indonesia and meets her family who thought Beth has already passed away. After a couple of weeks, Evelyn returns to the Philippines and starts a new life without her best friend by her side. Saying goodbye to a friend who has become part of her family is not easy for Evelyn, but she is happy after seeing Beth’s reunion with her estranged family. Evelyn will always keep in her heart her friendship with Beth that goes beyond race and culture.



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Apr 27, 2013

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Sep 20, 2001


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